Friday, June 17, 2022

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I was feeling the blogger love and maybe a little overwhelmed. Below are a few pics of my Churn Dash SAL blocks so far.
This one was taken standing on my head, not really but I did have to stand on a stool and lean precariously over my sewing machine to get the best light from the window.
This is looking towards the window, light not as good but gives a better idea of what I have. They're stacked by color to help me not repeat a fabric. I'm aiming for a queen size quilt, so I need 72 blocks, eeek. I'm just under half of what I need.
Here's a finish!!!! Yippee. The applique blocks are from a book called "Grandma's Last Quilt" by the editors of Traditional Quiltworks Magazine. The copyright is 2000 by Chitra Publications who went out of business many years ago. There are 25 patterns in the book, I made four and ran out of steam. I got the main body of the quilt put together and then it languished for many years waiting for a border fabric to come along. I finally settled for the striped fabric, I guess it works. Then it sat pin basted for two years until I decided to have someone else do the quilting. 

And just like that, I had a finish. Things do get done eventually.

 These are the backing fabrics. I had thought the yellow toile might work as the border but the women in my quilt group thumbs downed it, so it ended up on the back.

Here's a quilt I made many years ago, sometime around the turn of the century, (I love using this phrase as it pertains to myself ) 😁. It looks like a strippy but instead I made alternating HST's with the two beiges and then pieced the rows on the diagonal, thus avoiding the lumps at the intersections that would have resulted from making vertical rows. 

Here's a close up of an intersection, You can see how nice and flat and unlumpy it is. Also much easier to quilt through.

If you're still here, thanks for hanging in. I hope all of you are well and happy and finding time to sew.



  1. Two beautiful quilts, I like the nine patch setting.

  2. Great work on your Churndashes. Lovely quilt finish, the blocks are beautiful and I love the backing fabrics. xx

  3. your churn dash blocks look great......well the other quilts you have shared here also...........

  4. Lovely churn dash blocks. the quilts are beautiful

  5. your churn dash blocks look wonderful...